Scholarships Program

Las Esperanzas Program for High-Risk Adolescent Girls

Los Caminantes Carpentry Program for High-Risk boys

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Meet Some of our Alumni & Students

Scholarship Program

• Gabriela (19) - Industrial Electrician at Grupo Farallon Seafood Export Plant, Leon

“Without the NCFC scholarship, I would be working long hours at a maquiladora making auto parts,” said Gabriela

Gabriela finished her academic and vocational eduation at Tecnico La Salle, Leon's only certified vocational trade school. As an electrician, she maintains plant machinerary. Two years before graduating, Gabriela nearly quit her studies because her mother lost her job. Tecnico recommended Gabriela for one of our scholarships because she was one of two young women in their electrical trades program. Today, Gabriela supervises three people and plans to start the university to get her electrical engineering degree.


Las Esperanzas Program

• Ivania (23) Nursing Student, Universidad Centro Americana, Leon

“I am immensely grateful for having NCFC’s economic support so I can continue studying even though our family is poor. I will have a better future and help others help those who need medical help, ” said Ivania, who will graduate from nursing school in 2016.

Ivania graduated from Las Esperanzas first class in 2010. She enrolled in Las Esperanzas to learn sewing because after graduating from high school, she lacked other educational or job opportunities. Ivania dreamed of going to nursing school but the cost was prohibitive for her mother who works as a maid. With NCFC’s help, Ivania is also studying English which will help her follow medication and treatment instructions written in English.


Carpentry Program

• Jairo Antonio (27) Public Accountant, Cukra Peanut Processing plant, Leon

“The carpentry program was the bridge for me to continue my studies. It opened the door for me to get jobs to pay my education, says 2008 graduate Jairo Antonio, now married and father of a 3 year old.

Jairo attributes much of his success to Professor Juan. He is a positive role model for NCFC’s scholarship students, and continues to work with other graduates on home repairs and woodcrafts.




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